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Playground Equipment

Art Board

Fun double sided board for kids to play/draw and also keep up score on the ski ball game.

Ground Rider

Has four steering wheels fits two in the front and has a big back for others to participate in steering and playing.

Merry Go Cycle

Fits five kids on an endless cycle chase.

Spring Rider

Four seating and has an extended back for more kids to join and particapate.

Climbing Wall

a climbing wall for kids to climb over and down the other side.

Large Drum Set

Double sided drums with two pairs of drum sticks for two kids to play some jams together.

Mini Rider

Fun for toddlers to have adventures on and still have the same equipment as the older kids.

Spyder Ryder

A fun, four seating bouncy toy!


Fun two sitting toy with wall climb at the front for kids to bulldoze all those trees and rocks out of the way.

Lily Pad Cymbals

Double sided for two kids to play and make different tunes together

Ski Ball

A simple arcade game that kids are able to try and win points by rolling a ball into the holes. Competitive game among the kids a great way to do math outside the classroom

Tree House Slide

Fun ladder, platform, and slide for the kids to play on and be in there own "Tree House Club"

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